New conversations about end-of-life questions

IMAGINE WEEK will spark conversations, break taboos, and harness the power of our creativity. It will deepen our experience of life and help us come to terms with the idea of death.

People from all backgrounds will explore major questions about life—and death—from different points of view and disciplines: philosophical, medical, social, artistic, and educational.

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Over 50 activities throughout Montreal, for people of all ages

IMAGINE WEEK will showcase our communities’ diversity and creativity.

From healthcare to the visual arts, from architecture and music to the environment and commemorative rituals, IMAGINE WEEK has events that enrich and explore the vast range of our experiences.

IMAGINE WEEK is a path to understanding, learning, exchanging ideas, helping others, remembering friends, family and events, or simply a place to share feelings and experiences with others.

Arts and
Health and
Social Services
and Faith
Design and

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What types of events can I host?

You can host almost any kind of event! It must help spark a conversation about end-of-life and align with our values of inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility. In addition, we encourage interdisciplinary experiences. But the content, format, and location for the event are entirely up to you!

Type of Events include:

concerts • workshops • rituals • talks • games • conversations • food • meditations • end of life plans • performances • visual arts • dance • film • comedy • storytelling • plays • and more

How do we work together?

The IMAGINE WEEK’s partners need to be self motivated and resourceful in order to make their event a reality. You are expected to produce all aspects of your event and promote it, including: create the event content; secure the venue; market and promote to attract an audience.

What Partners Can Expect From Us

  • Promotion of your event on our interactive website
  • access to marketing tool kit with logo, copy and promotional materials
  • Inclusion in our event programming and marketing
  • Exposure on our social media platforms


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